Health Books Episode 112 – Part 2 – Keeping Your Marbles

Episode 112 – Part 2 – Keeping Your Marbles

What do you know about taking care of your brain?

Is your brain “rusty”? Does your brain have “clogged pipes”?

Is it too “sugary”?  Do you worry about your genetic risks? 

Is exercise protective against memory loss and good for brain health?

What type of exercise is a good choice? What are the costs of pharmacological therapy? 

How do you structure a lifestyle to help prevent cognitive decline? 

Join Kristen and Eleanor as they talk with Cliff Arceneaux, MMS PA-C about the Memory Protocol he outlines in his “hot off the press” book, KEEPING YOUR MARBLES: A Field Guide for preventing & treating cognitive decline (2022).

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2 thoughts on “Episode 112 – Part 2 – Keeping Your Marbles”

  1. Great book and really great review and discussion with the author. It is a positive approach to maintaining brain health and overall wellness. I also love how Cliff is tending to his dementia patients in their own homes. Brilliant and compassionate. Cudos.

  2. Thanks for listening in and commenting. We agree that Cliff has given us a really fun book on an important topic. I hope you got a copy and have tried some of his recipes. I LOVE the Black Bean Burgers. We hope he will keep in touch and maybe there will be another book???

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