Health Books Episode 122 – The Power of Fun

Episode 122 – The Power of Fun

When was the last time you truly had fun?

Has it been a while?

It turns out that having fun is critical to our good health.

We found a book that calls our attention to something that most of us are missing in our lives.

We invited Carolyn Bennett-Sullivan, from Soft Golf (a business based on fun) to join us this week.

We discuss THE POWER OF FUN: How to Feel Alive Again by Catherine Price (2021), and Producer Tim pipes in too.

This is one of our longer episodes because we couldn’t stop talking, and we were having so much fun.

Our chatter is full of laughs and highlights from this wonderful book! Listen in and have some fun with us!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 122 – The Power of Fun”

  1. This was a great podcast and incredibly well written book by Catherine Price. I consider myself to be a fun, spontaneous and creative person. But this book and podcast really made me think a lot about how much things have changed in our lives says the introduction of social media and I do not put the same negative connotations on the smart phones in general. When used responsibly, our smart phones are great tools for organizing, and saving us an incredible amount of time in many aspects. Think about banking, paying bills, getting map directions, finding information about how to build or fix anything simply by speaking to Siri. The time that has been by these technologies over the past 20 years is exponentially massive. That is time that we should be able to put into learning new things, being creative and doing truly fun things. Yet it often seems like we have less time and we become less connected to people. We should not blame it on the smart devices. Its the social media that is designed to kidnap our brains and our attention. But we can only blame ourselves. We have the power to disconnect from social media (and the bots with disinformation). We have the power to reach out and connect to real people in a deeper more meaningful way. As the CEO and co-inventor of Softgolf, I have made it my job to provide a fun venue that promotes, getting away from the high tech devices, snd connecting with friends and family and having real fun. We changed our tag line during COVID to, “Softgolf… Bringing people together since 1979… keeping them 6 feet apart since 2020!”
    We need to learn how not to think less of ourselves… and start thinking of ourselves less. What can do to help make our lives and other’s lives more meaningful, loving and fun. I work hard to make Softgolf (and future activities) more fun! Its all about quality of life!

    Keep up the great work! Work can be fun…,obviously you show that!

    Before Time is Done
    Raymond F Baldorossi Jr

    In this world of a glutton,
    We have expensive taste!
    We waste a lot of money,
    But it’s mostly time we waste!

    With all the time savers
    And the great inventions…
    We have a lot less time,
    Despite our good intentions!

    So where does time go?
    Is it stuck in broken clocks?
    Is it in a time capsule,
    With all the missing socks?

    Is it looking for its’ mother?
    Is it looking for Father Time?
    Will your inner clock expire
    …Before it is its’ time?

    We can ask the “Time Keeper”
    If she is not asleep
    What happened to the time
    And where’s our time to keep?

    I wonder what she’ll tell us
    And if it’s worth the wait?
    We’re waiting for an answer
    But even she is running late!

    When we do have the time
    We really love to spend it!
    When we don’t have any time
    We really hate to end it!

    Before your time is through
    You should ask yourself this…
    Have you used your time wisely
    And what is it… you might miss?

    Did you have a good time…
    Or was your timing bad…
    And have you been content
    With all the time you’ve had?

    You best not waste your time
    Your time is just like gold
    You will surely know this
    By the time you grow old!

    You better find the time
    To spend with your loved ones
    Let them know you love them
    Before all your time is d

    This poem ends with a scribble and a big inc blot but I could not transfer the inc blot to this format

  2. Ray! So glad you listened in to our chat. Thank you for sharing your wonderful poem! We know how much you are helping our community have MORE Fun with Soft Golf! Hope you have a wonderful season!! Keep listening and stay healthy and happy!

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