Health Books Episode 125 – How to Keep House While Drowning

Episode 125 – How to Keep House While Drowning

Are you a “good” housekeeper”?

Are you just lazy, or is your mother-in-law?

Is there a relationship between the condition of our house, our home, our  “space,” and our health?

Jennifer Hammon, owner of Monarch Living LLC and a professional organizer and move manager joins Kristen and Eleanor to talk about KC Davis’s simple little book HOW TO KEEP HOUSE WHILE DROWNING: a gentle approach to cleaning and organizing (2020). 

This book is so much more than you might expect, and our conversation touches on the difference between chores and care tasks, self-talk about our messes, how we might end up in a mess and what we can do about it.

Davis promotes a philosophy and not a program but shares systems that might help us along our way!

This is a topic that is central to maintaining good health. Tune in if you need help or know someone who does.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 125 – How to Keep House While Drowning”

    1. We are so glad that you listened in to this one! We thought she had a wonderful way of helping so many of us with our own challenges, and to help us understand each other better.

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